Co-Sleeping | AKA.. No-Sleeping

IMG_20170126_122351_485000.pngSo am I the only one who feels lied to about the whole Co-Sleeping thing? Co-Sleeping is NOT all the lovelies that I have had suggested to me. Yes the closeness and the bond and the warmth and the love and the blah blah blah… What about the wriggling and the no frigging room and the every fucker sleeps apart from me? That’s the truth of it. I get no sleep. Don’t get me wrong there is nothing more lovely than cuddles with your beautiful kids, oh wait there is…it’s called SLEEP!!

How can you be expected to adult the next day if you’ve had around 3 hours sleep during the night (not even all in one go I might add), when you’ve either been hanging off the edge of the bed for dear life all night freezing or sweating your tits off rammed between your snoring, oblivious husband and your kicky, wriggley little monster who hates the quilt over them?

Due to the shoebox sized hell hole that we currently live in (that’s another blog post), Florence has her toddler bed squashed in our room at the end of our bed. So when she wakes in the night does she go gently back to sleep? NO! Of course she doesn’t, she climbs into our bed because we are there. I do realise that not everyone is in this position where they are saving for a mortgage for a house big enough to fit the huge tribe, but I mean seriously people cannot be comfy? Sharing a bed with your kids sucks. There I said it and I’m not even sorry. You have no room, your sex life is quite obviously on hold and you don’t actually sleep so it can’t be called Co-Sleeping.. there is no sleep involved.

I’ve made a decision to have no more kids based solely on Co-Sleeping. The fear of it happening again once I get the youngest sorted is frankly enough to force my husband to have the snip. I would forget you see, forget how horrendous it all is because the baby is so lovely and small and smells all new and BAM… there they are creeping in your fucking bed. Nope that’s my procreation done. I love sleep.

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Natalie Abraham AKA Mostly Mummy



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