Find your tribe | Getting my confidence back

Lately I’ve fallen victim to my own self doubt, which is not like me. Or at least that’s what I thought. I’ve always thought I was a strong, confident person and I think for the most part I am but in the last few months I’ve been judging myself and not coming up to the high bar I’ve subconsciously set myself.

I’m a huge lover of social media, blogs and vlogs.  I have my favourites and I’ve been reading/watching them for so long now that I feel like I know them, they feel like friends. These confident, empowering women in the last few weeks have spoken about social media and how sometimes it makes our self esteem take a bashing and I totally agree. Comparing our lives with other people’s when we only see a snippet of the things they choose to share can really make you question yourself and what you do, and what you’ve got. I never really thought this type of shit bothered me but obviously I was wrong, because when I sat back and thought about it I found myself comparing my life too.

Feeling like this has been holding me back from things I had planned because I’ve been afraid of what people might think and how they might judge me. In the last week I’ve considered leaving some social media platforms because of this very reason. I even put up a Facebook status saying a sort of goodbye, but I had so many positive comments that I had a little rethink and decided against it. I had comments from friends and family all reminding me that if people don’t like me for me, what I do or say then they can always just leave. Bye bye. Delete. See ya!!

I’ve had this blog hidden away, for years. Years of making notes and writing posts, making videos and taking pictures, and I’ve been too afraid of what people will think to ever press publish. I’ve been inspired recently by people that I follow through blogs and social media, friends and family, girls who I went to school with/grew up with who are now women. Powerful women. Mother’s, carers, career women, business women, wives, single parents, all inspiring women who don’t worry about what people think. All these people, real people who believe in me have made me brave enough to go public with something that means so much to me.

Find your tribe. It’s taken me a long time to find people in my life who are true friends. People who speak to my soul, who bring joy to my life, who love me for me and who I just couldn’t do without. I still have people I know from school and a previous life (the life before my family – when I first felt I began to live) and I love to stay connected with all these people and see the happiness in their lives, but it’s taken me until this stage in my life to realise that you should surround yourself with people who lift you up, people who don’t question your choices and who respect you for you.

Women. All women should boost each other up. Real women all stand together, believe and respect other women’s dreams and choices. They don’t compare, snigger and gossip behind each others backs.

**Feminist : a PERSON who believes in the social, political and economic equality of the sexes.**  My husband. Who always believes in me no mater what.

So I’ve written this post as my way of showing that I have my tribe and I am only interested in people with good vibes, making friends with people who give me confidence to just be me. And anyone who doesn’t see me for me, just delete me.

Chat soon

Natalie Abraham AKA Mostly Mummy



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