Back to basics | Slimming World Update

So last week I posted a bit of background about my Slimming World life over the last year since I began and I promised (myself mainly) that I would be doing a weekly update to track my progress and hopefully keep me motivated. So here it goes.

*insert palm face here* Well, first week back and a 4lb gain!!!!! Wtf??!! It’s hilarious really that I was even shocked, I went to group this week (I go on Thursdays) 11th of May having not been since the 16th of March and I had the cheek to be surprised. I think during that time I’ve had about 3 whole days on plan and that was this week, so it wasn’t looking good. When I think about it, 4lbs in nearly 7 weeks isn’t all that bad considering and now I am only 1lb over my target and I’ve been at target now since the first week of this year so in all its not that bad. This was definitely the kick up the arse I needed to get back on plan.

Now technically I only need to loose 1lb to be back in target but that’s not enough, I want to loose more and slightly more than my original target that I set when I joined. I’ve asked my consultant to lower my target so that I have something to work towards, I’ve found that I need to be chasing something or I just get complacent and I love food which makes it so easy for me to pile the weight back on really quickly when I’m telling myself ‘oh it’s just a pizza! It’ll be fine!’…. Um no. So I now have 9lb to loose to get to my new goal! Eeekkk… sounds really daunting to me now but I’ve lost so much in this past year this bit should be easy right?

I’ve sat down and had a quiet word with myself and it’s back to basics, weighing and measuring, keeping a food diary and trying new dishes. I used to be so in love with it all and now it’s gone, I’m just not happy so I have to come at it like I’m starting all over again. Each week (generally Fridays) I will be tracking my progress here for me to look back on and keep me motivated, hopefully.

So here we go….  9lb to loose. Wish me luck.

Chat soon

Natalie Abraham AKA Mostly Mummy



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