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So the first week back is over and done with and if I’m being totally honest I really didn’t give it my all. I went to weigh totally expecting a gain as it was also my star week and I tend to hold a little water and get quite bloated, I really would of deserved a small gain to be honest as I didn’t really think about my week and ate hardly any speed food but I managed to get a maintain. So I’ll take that and get back on track. This coming week I am going to try and cram in as much speed food as I can possibly stomach because that’s what really works for me, I would be happy with a loss ANY loss at this stage just to kick start me because I’m definitely the kind of person who pushes herself more when I see results. I need the numbers. The next few weeks are really hectic for me what with my new course I’ve now started, we also have some really important meetings with the local authority surrounding Connor and getting him a statutory assessment (I will explain this in a different blog post) plus I have actually been asked to review some projects and do some commissioned pieces of writing which will keep me really busy.

So I think I am going to need to meal planning everything I eat over the next few weeks if I’m going to have any chance at reaching my new target in time for our wedding anniversary at the end of July. I also have some meal plans, recipes and budgeting content planned which will all tie in (don’t make things easy for myself do I?). Anyway, a very short and sweet update this week as not much to report. Hope everyone is on plan if they’re following any kind of diet/lifestyle choice and I will update you all again next week.

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