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Saturday 20th May 2017

Up and at ’em pretty early this morning, not that that is a foreign concept to me because the kids (the little two anyway) are always early risers so I’m definitely used to it but today it was me jumping out of bed at the crack of dawn getting myself organised for the day ahead. A few months back I enrolled on a photography course and I’ve been waiting for this day for ages now. Over the last 18 months/2 years I have become so fascinated and truly in love with all things photography, from taking photographs to finding new work by photographers I love, to learning the technical sides to the art form. I am obsessed. So I told Neil that I was going to pay a small fortune to study photography at a higher level and have every intention of taking that education further if I can, it just seemed like the next steps for me. I can now say that it is one of the greatest decisions I’ve ever made. Once I arrived at the course venue I met the other students that will be taking the course with me, all like minded people all there for their own personal reasons from learning more about a new hobby to a complete change in career and a wide range of ages and backgrounds. I’m really chuffed to say that I have something in common with most of them (as well as a shared passion for photography) and I think I’m going to enjoy spending more time with them all, but the person I am most in awe of is my tutor. He is a brilliant man and is fast becoming an idol of mine with his fantastic approach to teaching and his complete brilliance behind a lens.

The morning was spent outlining our course and discussing the portfolios we will need to produce, as well as discussing our favourite photographers as well as sharing pictures and stories of our own. Just before lunch our tutor announced that we would be leaving in around 20 mins to go on an excursion across Cardiff, dashing to an art gallery for a guest lecture to the opening of an exhibition in a gallery down the bay which he had to attend as it was his exhibition of a project he has been working on for the last two years. It was pouring with rain but I didn’t care one bit, even though I was dressed completely inappropriately for the weather in jeans, tee shirt and a loose cardigan I was so excited to see his work as well as the others and hear the lecture on the language of photography from a speaker who came all the way down from London. Now I realise that this is not everyone’s cup of tea and to be honest 2 years ago if you had asked me I would of said it’s probably not mine either but dashing all across the city, dodging one torrential down pour after another, giving my opinion on the work I was looking at and hearing that of other people is by far one of the best days I have had in a long time.

After we grabbed lunch on the go we got back to the course venue to do some actual learning, I can now say I know how to use a camera. This may sound stupid but if you think it’s a case of point and press you really couldn’t be more wrong. Once the course was wrapping up towards the end of the day we talked about the coursework we will have to produce throughout the process and the portfolio we will be doing for our final marks, I literally couldn’t wait to make a start. The funny thing is as this session came to a close I was a little sad, I didn’t want it to end at all. I had the best time and cannot wait to my next class. Once I got home I completely bombarded poor Neil with every detail of my day and I’m pretty sure after at least an hour of my talking about it all, he was bored out of his brain. I finally feel like I’m doing what I was supposed to be doing all this time. I’m sure that probably makes no sense to anybody but me right now, but between writing my blog, some projects I’ve been asked to start and some personal ones of my own that I will share in due course and now this photography I actually feel like me. I am fully aware I sound like a crazy person and I was totally happy with my life as it was (before I get accused of hating my life and being ungrateful) but I feel amazing right now and like I am EXACTLY where I’m supposed to be.

My evening was pretty special too, I had such a relaxed evening with Neil. We finally caught up on Masterchef  a whole week after the final episode and somehow managed to remain blissfully unaware who the winner was, we had some nice grub and battled with the kiddies to go to bed. Just another night of the week really. Every other weekend Jay (our eldest) spends the weekend at his Dad’s house (my Husband is not his biological Father), this weekend was his one away so we just had to battle the littles. Bathtime, storytime, play and bed. Yeh right, It’s never that simple they always throw something in to the mix. This week Connor has been back to disrupted sleeping and tonight was no different but I’m on such a high right now that I didn’t even care. So that’s a wrap on my day really, I’m so glad I chose to write about today. I know I will want to look back on this memory.

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Natalie Abraham AKA Mostly Mummy



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