Back in the Game | Slimming World Update 

So I am super chuffed with myself this week because I had a loss. Not a huge loss but a loss none the less, and with a total of 1.5lb off this week I am back in the game. I really needed to see those numbers this week, I’m gona aim for 1.5lb again next week but any loss would be good. It’s helped this week that I’ve thought about my meals quite a bit and the heat this week has given me that extra push, with summer clearly on the way I want to be able to get in all these lush dresses I’ve been buying so that has definitely spurred me on. It’s been so incredibly hot the last few days I’ve barely been able to eat, only light meals like salads have been all I can stomach. I’m really not a sun goddess AT ALL, I cannot stand the heat to be honest so the last thing I can think about when it’s this warm is a hot meal. 

I’ve got some great ideas for meals for the coming week, a few different meals that we’ve not tried before just to keep things interesting because I can get bored of the same old meals (and we tend to stick to a few stables in this house). So I finally feel motivated for it all again, so watch this space (this shrinking space 😉). 1.5lb down…. 7.5lb to go!!!

Chat soon

Natalie Abraham AKA Mostly Mummy 



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