Who am I?

Hi. I’m Natalie Abraham. A 30 – something year old, married Mum of three from South Wales. I’m married to Neil, who is by far one of my favourite human beings and probably one of the best Husbands around. I married my best friend *HUGE cliche – but true*.

We live in a smallish town in the South Wales valleys surrounded by mountains, egg shaped balls, big voices and people who would give you their last quid if you needed it.


As you can see from my blog title I am many different things, but mostly Mummy.

My children consist of two boys. One girl. We have an actual teenager in residence, Jay who’s 13. He is one of the kindest, most gentle souls I’ve ever met (and the best big brother ever).

Connor who is 4 and the happiest little boy in existence. He loves Disney, dinosaurs, cuddley bears and being outside. He’s also Autistic.

Last but by no means least is the Princess, Florence. She is 1 year old and completely in charge. She’s beautiful, funny and tougher than both the boys put together.


So that’s us. The Abrahams.

Welcome to my small corner of the internet where I hope to share some of our memories as we make them. Watch myself and Neil try our best to give these three miniature humans the very best life we can whilst keeping them alive. So far it’s been a great success.

Join us on our journey through life as just another ‘normal’ family. Whatever the fuck normal is?!?!



Natalie Abraham